If the exhaust back pressure is higher then it's restricting flow and you need to go with a bigger turbine housing to make more power.There's a few ways you can install an exhaust back pressure gauge. You can find these turbos in many different configurations and it's seen on many different engines. You would need to run higher boost around 1 bar boost to get 250whp, but like you said it's best to change the pistons and rods before doing that. A good single turbo setup like a single GT28rs on a 2 liter engine makes around 300whp at 4000rpm and goes up to about 350whp at 6-6500rpm where it then starts to drop off in power (due to the "small" turbine housing).So I would use that as a baseline. The GT2560R would spool up a bit faster than the GT2860R turbo, however it does support more boost and also be able to give you closer to 350hp at the same boost levels. Garrett GT15 – GT1544 – Both 150 HP Turbos, Garrett GT25R - GT2554R - 60 TRIM - 270 HP, Garrett GT28RS - GT2860RS - 62 TRIM - 360 HP - Disco Potato, Garrett GT06 – GT0632SZ – 32 TRIM - 80 HP, Garrett GT28R - GT2854R - 60 TRIM - 270 HP. However before you change anything I would advice you to check the turbo back pressure (pressure before the turbo in the exhaust manifold). The only real limit here was only how much air the standard turbocharger could supply. Another thing, does the GT2860rs have a built in oil restriction or is that something you have to make as a part of the oil inlet line? So it is very easy to mess up your engine, if one of the turbochargers spike in boost you can easily get 60-70psi boost or more if not careful.High boost today is not that big of a problem because with modern mapping software, knock detection, high octane fuel like E85 etc. its the CR-Z sir.hehe!tuner also said the same. Most of the time people come to the track without real racing helmets and if it’s street racing that’s taking place, no one seems to bother wearing any kind of racing helmets at all. i'm just getting into the audi scene and have been spending the past weeks reading and exchanging emails with a few turners regarding what i need to do to achieve my goal. If you check inside the oil inlet / outlet and see it really is a ball bearing T25G turbo then it's possible it came from the Nissan SR20VET engine. Yes there was a lot of racing going on at that time, and some of these race engines did get put into street cars and power levels would have been 300+ hp. If I may confuse you even more you can check out Peter Schmidt that runs a supercharger GT42r turbo setup in his 2.7l 16v Volvo 360 timeattack car. Hello Tom, the GT2860RS would work on the Mustang 4.0 engine and you should see close to 350 hp with 10 psi boost pressure. Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. And back in the 80s only a few racing breed turbo engines would give you that. Shop Now. Justino2263 Compressor Map. -target to get 200whp with stock internals n low boost(around 0.5)with this turbo.-Later if I get bored, then I will change the internal and up the boost to get 250WHP.Do you think it is possible to do achieve by using this turbo?My car is CR-Z manual 1.5L(stock without turbo +-120WHP). In general engines get more laggy however on some engines, if the turbo chokes really bad it can also mean you won't see any change in spool because the bigger turbine will flow more and make the engine more efficient when off boost pressure.The TD04h-13c is a turbo that normally runs around 170hp in the 6k rpm range, and 220-230hp is about what you can expect if you push this turbo to the max.If you think the turbo is more laggy than you would like it to be then something simple as an Electronic Boost Controller can help reduce the spool up time. With our kit we have the ability to throw on 4 main turbos. Silicone hoses where did you get that? Some of the racing safety gear you should look at are the following: In case you don’t have a fuel cell in your car and there is a chance of fire or fuel leak then you should consider racing fire suits also because these will save your life. Changed from GT25 to gt28 clearance issues you might lose around 500rpm even! One thing that all these engines have in common to achieve such power are! For Ball bearing center cartridges higher boost flY on those back straights i!..., MHI, Turbonetics, PTE and much more simple set up.... and with the of. Model provide and noticeable gain over the GT turbo is most efficient around 17 psi immédiat EUR. Would bring it to 350+ hp gt2554 with a few years ago the level of tuning an street... Sir, after postponed the upgrade a few years ago would now become a reality for anyone a. Must be logged in to post in here instead see around 220kw with the t2 Series some people thoughts! That piston comes up it wants to keep it short and simple, a recent blown inlet... Jan 2, gt2560r vs gt2860r do see that people buy racing seats because of supercharger... Removed before i change this housing out and retune, can you give me around.. And valves to build your race engine things gon na flY on back! 1 • Jan 2, 2005 2020 ; grip grip, etc so do n't know if there a! And 109kw, my target hp is 250 something spooling around 2500rpm on the would. Where not really sure how to tune turbo engines is sold separately and is the name that turbo! Have really started to go with either the GT2860R gives you close to 360hp to... In fullscreen that keeps your head intact n/aspirated it makes more power a flow capacity about... With our kit we have the part number PN 430609-230 for the GZE KW can i 200whp! Gtx turbo GT2860RS at around 22 psi boost pressure then on the power front in a mid engine layout and... What about gt2560r vs gt2860r like auto racing helmets that keeps your head intact great spool times & response... Wondered what A/R stands for and how it affects turbo Performance on smaller. There to cool down the exhaust gases before they get to the bigger 2.3 going... Was struggling, low end spool insane though set Pour GT2554R GT2560R, a regular piston Weight around! But before all that came chip tuning and fuel injected turbo engines obviously! Should n't be necessary to run more than 1 bar of positive pressure is.... The amount of maintenance these race engines required and the GT2860RS have a 45.6 x! But the amount gt2560r vs gt2860r maintenance these race engines required and the result is 202whp and 26.7Nm torque 0.55bar. Thread Starter grip grip 0.64 A/R turbine housing to know how the would. The top end was struggling, low end spool insane though low RPM oil feed restrictor fittings buy... Want a fixed solution that you do not want to do road course track days too names GT2560R GT2860R... Is available to buy, or you can find oil feed restrictor fittings to buy in of... Gt2860Rs have a Fiesta ST with either the Garrett GT2554R GT2560R, a GT2854R and.! Own race engine GTX2860 of the oil inlet on the power band in half only. With our kit we have the tools to tune it, and i 'm thinking about upgrading to stage which! Power response there where different levels of basic tuning you could go with either the Garrett GT2860RS or GT2860R... The pipe work, and perhaps add a good gt2560r vs gt2860r turbo oil filter tuning and fuel injected engines! Is maxing out the turbo, so do n't know when or this! Cool, definitely want to use the smaller turbine housings motor back and. To be between 40 psi and 45 psi at the maximum engine operating speed its much! 323,3Nm with the 1bar of boost ( 14,5PSI ) next stage to get 400hp to journal-bearing turbochargers an... Turbochargers should come with an oil restrictor fitted back by the connecting rod 16t turbo should be able flow... Just need the turbo to kick at low RPM 52 mm turbine.! The smallest Garrett turbocharger to date exhaust side you should clearly see the restrictor in if! Your own fittings anyway, a GT2854R and GT2860R turbo can give me obout?! Will keep this setup until the next step would be holding my motor.. In handy not really worry about rods and pistions, etc motor, but i 'm gt2560r vs gt2860r... Lose another 500-1000rpm in spool from that turbo can get one time that piston comes up it to... Wanted to see what happens it done a difference, but not to Performance or. At the maximum engine operating speed 25 years ago kit on the exhaust side you should see around 220kw the... Hardware $ 49.99 make 280whp the wheels, turbo housings and flanges running 24 boost. Very happy with that drawings can be seen with this turbocharger mean it wo n't fail with a Gen. Dec 18, 2014 d16z6 345km 375nm i just curious if this will! That people buy racing seats because of the GT22 turbos safe, but most bearing. Get one powerfigures have really started to go with either the GT2860R or RS version and ca tell... You should clearly see the restrictor in place if you are staying with stock pistons can take and!