Thin Towel. It looks a little like the texture of the white towel that I was using (terry cloth) made marks on the table. Thanks for the tip!!! The pizza wasn’t even that hot do it didn’t occur to me to put down a mat. You saved me!!! 1 minute later, the stain was gone!!!!!! THE STAIN IS GONE! Thank you so much. It worked!! I just wonder who first tried it and why? 98% of all stains gone (some too deep into the veneer); a good rub down with marveer, and I have my table back. as they say…… Worked in under a minute. So, I plugged in my iron and held the iron over the white mark…steamed…I wiped up the dampness from the steam with a dry dish towel and Voila!!! How can steam remove an impression on the table caused by heat in the first place? Made it wet and squeezed extra water and put it in microwave for 2 minutes. I was sceptical to say the least, but thought what did I have to lose! Unbelievable. (just rub the meat of half a nut over it until oil seeps out) 95% sucessful!! Oh and it is an oak table. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In my opinion a steam iron would make more of a problem. Thank you so much it worked like magic, I was very nervous to bring a hot steaming iron to my brand new $3200 table but I had nothing to lose and my table now looks amazing. Left a larger white area and a rough finish. Hold the heat gun a few inches from the veneer. I was about to re vanish it – no longer required. I held the iron on top for a few seconds, then moved it around, then lifted the napkin to see if anything happened. About 5 minutes, and both stains were gone. And yes the stain was brown-yellow.. Every fiber of my being told me NOT to do this. I was completedly skeptical. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Good luck! it seems dry – would some oil help? I used a hand towel. I have never seen such fear in the eyes of my mother after we pulled the table cloth off following our dinner from a pizza box… she is now singing at the top of her lungs. I used iron with towel and heat first and it removed the two hot pizza box stains but left a paler but larger mark from the iron. I’m sure the type of finish on the table makes a difference. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you do much!!! I would suggest Murphy checks what his table is made of in future! Your comment may just be the answer. I can’t even tell that it was there. IT WORKED!! My father bought our dining room table as wedding present. . Thank you for saving me!!! More difficult I suspect as it’s actually taken off the varnish. I was so worried that it was ruined. I kept doing the same thing over and over again, but made it SO much worse. Thank you so much to whomever it was brave enough to put an iron on a table!!! i used this tip and completely destroyed my table. thanks HEAPS!! Brilliant – Probably saved my marriage! I was totally gutted when I saw the stain and thought the only way to get rid of it would be to have it revarnished. Think when you come out of the shower, you get steamed glass, because the shower was the heat producer. I was devestated. Thanks for the feedback & tips everyone, glad this is working out for so many :). Like others, I had a white ring on a teak table caused by a hot coffee cup through a tablecloth. The above steps may be sufficient to remove stain from wood without sanding, especially if you want to avoid sanding down a layer of furniture. Thank you so much for posting this! Most of the stain came off leaving a slight cloudy appearance. It worked!!! Thank you!! Next I tried it on our customer’s table (pretty scary since it is not ours). THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH! A mishevious 3 year old thought it would be funny to pure milk on mommy’s new table, by the time I caught the spill the damage was done. . I think it was varnished. For everyone weighing which method to use, simply think it through: contrary to popular posting, it is not actually magic. Before learning of the iron technique, I tried rubbing the spot with a damp cloth. Thanks very much! Then my sweet, wonderful daughter went online and found this website! Cloudy white stain on varnished coffee table…two short blast with a fairly hot steam iron (steam on) over a cotton handtowel and the stain disappeared! Dish cloth and steam iron and then buff. Tried the olive oil/baking soda method first, didn’t work on my table. Small, slow circular motions worked just right, and when done, I wiped the surface with olive oil on a paper towel. My 9 year old gourmet chef son sat a hot dish out of the microwave on my new dining room table and I just wanted to cry… He promptly found your solution. Thank you so much! The heavier stain took longer and I ended up using more heat. It was just about to be thrown out and replaced with a new one until we found this tip. We have an antique cherry table that someone placed a catering tray on and it left four large, bright white spots. IT REALLY WORKS. Mayonaisse, Oil, Vaseline, even my husband’s electric car polishing kit. The key to this is steam – simply hold the steaming iron over the mark and it will disappear in less than thirty seconds. (Note: Not sure if our table is varnish or shellack, and we acted quickly, w/in 1/2 hour just to be safe), White spot gone. My son left a hot bowl on one of my table nest. I just tried on my polished cherry table. I was absolutely scared to try it. First time I had ever brought out my antique table. I had thought my beautiful table was ruined but IT’S AS GOOD AS NEW! I have looked at that cloudy spot for three years, making myself sick every time. Two white heat stains gone in SECONDS after being on my furniture for years !!! It worked for me! I tried high heat with steam and it initially made the stain disappear, but when it dried, it was much bigger. I was quick to wipe away any moisture and water on the surface after each treatment. Then the thin towel over the spot with a steam iron worked. This has just put the value back into our beautiful dining set and has also rescued my husband from his respite in the doghouse. Try a little mineral spirits on a soft white cloth. Help? What happens is, the moisture which is trapped under the veneer from the hot plate or whatever, is dried up as you use the heat on it. Hi Thanks for the tip I wasn’t brave enough to use the iron so I tried my hair dryer on hot for a few minutes rubbed a little olive oil on mark heated again and it was gone . If placing a hot item on the table (oak in our case) creates the white discoloration, why does adding more heat take it away – instantaneously? The hot iron with steam worked! I added Murphy’s Oil Soap afterwards just to finish the job. Yay! I put a white Tshirt on the table and I ironed the shirt like I normally would. Leave a comment, link to a page, share goodies with friends on social media. I didn’t use the flat iron, but I tried applying heat by using a hair dryer set on high. thanks. I used a thick terry towelling tea cloth and used circular motions! I really can’t believe it and my wife will be thrilled when she gets home. I am trying to address a black stained, probably veneer wood table with a not so lovely white cloud heat stain. I had several huge white marks left from hot soup bowls on Christmas, plus some older white spots that had been there for years. we were desperate and nervous about using the steam technique… but alas! They should advertise that it works on wood clouds!!!!! When it happened I just smiled and said, “It’s ok, it’s just a table.” I didn’t want to hurt my company’s feelings. . My brand new dark wood table with marks from grilled hotdogs on a paper plate…. Used a dry iron, set on cotton, and used a clean (thin) cotton towel. This may be the trick for those of you who are not 100% recovered by using the steam method. Looks like new. Helped, but not much and they were messy. I did take one picture with the unrepaired leaf in the middle. Thank you for this amazing tip. This TOTALLY works. Rubbed a little olive oil on for good measure (and shine) and it looks as good as new! I inherited my grandparents’ antique cherry finish dining table about 25 years ago. Within 10 seconds of moving the iron briskly across the towel the spot was gone. After reading all the positive responses on this page, I could hardly wait to try it on my oak dining room table which had 4 large white spots due to hot items. I wiped off the slight steam moisture after each ironing. Just like magic! I GIVE THANKS TO MY LORD JESUS FOR LEADING ME TO THIS WONDERFUL SITE! We changed to a plain towel and did it again. Thanks and my daughter is no longer grounded! That is when I figured everyone couldn’t be wrong so I gave it a go! I thought our table was a goner. Also, residue has a yellowish hue. I used the steam iron method without a towel hovering just above the stain and within minutes the stain was gone. My husband asked me to video tape him and it was miraculous gone in less than a minute. Wipe over the ring mark with the cotton wool, make sure that your hand is well away and flick the lighter on at the edge of the mark. Update – today I again worked on my oak table. I just tried this on my dining room table, and it worked somewhat, but what I found was the stains came off initially,but returned soon after I had finished, but less than before. My wife thinks I’m the greatest- again. A second try for a few more seconds and the stain was gone! It’s not working guys…what am I doing wrong? I am soooooo happy for this page! I tried the Old English trick again and again but sadly, it didn’t work. Now they’re gone too! You guys need to make it clear what kind of surface you have on your tables. I had thought an acidic cleaning product was used by one of the family or a maid, which ruined the finish. Was it the rasisct soon to be grandfather in law? Wow, amazed with steam iron, and tea towel White heat marks vanished as if by magic , thankyou so much. Everyone hopes they’re not in that small % that it makes it worse, oh well. I got best results with a white dish towel folded up twice so 4x thickness. Thank you so much for the tip. I put over a tea-towel, and did the ironing thing – to my horror the tea-town was patterned with hatches, and the pattern left itself imprinted on the table. So I bought a Homax cloth and rubbed and rubbed but nothing happened. thank you so so so much ! (joke) – fitted study mahogany furniture costing 1000’s – no idea how the heat stain got on it – or who did it – but this tip defied the laws of Physics and saved a lot of domestic “discussion” – I tried 20 secs with an iron on the “cotton” setting and using a tea towel , no steam and moving gently over the large stain, lifted up the tea towel – it had gone – better than any David Copperfield trick anyday ! This might have something to do with the specific finish on the wood (I’m hardly an expert! Used a hot iron with steam all at the highest settings, on a tea towel for maybe 5-8 seconds at a time, lifting and checking. I just tried this tip and it made the white mark worse than before. I tried this on my mother in laws kitchen table, but it only made it worse. kept checking in fear that the stain would get worse and it was disspaearing right before my eyes!!! . Just tried this ironing tip on our dining room table. Simply set the dryer to the lowest setting and direct the hot air toward the white marks on the table. i had to give it a few goes with the iron, then Danish oiled it afterwards and VOILA!! I kept the setting on the iron as low as possible but still able to get steam. I keep running my hand across the top and I can’t feel any damage to the finish. I think this is true, just that the moisture is a more efficient conductor of heat to the table surface. It Isn't the wood that is damaged; it's the wax buildup from furniture polish. After we saw this tip, we used my grandmother’s iron (an old Black and Decker that gets REALLY hot) on the highest setting with steam and a clean t-shirt. and used a thin dish towel, folded it in half, and used a med steam. High heat, steam and a teatowel – It worked!! I am so happy! Really had my doubts, sounds soooo crazy! Natters from Murcia Spain. I am going to try with this third iron again and use oil to see if that gets rid of every trace of marks. until tonight. Thank you! SO I WENT THE SAFEST WAY POSSIBLE, JUST HOLDING THE IRON OVER THE TOWEL AND PRESSING THE STEAM BUTTON, AND THERE IN SECONDS THE MARK WAS GONE. Fortunately I went in with the mindset that I was going to have to refinish the table or I’d be crying from frustration lol. I just tried the steam hover over a white mark on table. I tried the hot steam tip and after initially being delighted, I looked about six hours later and instead of four small white heat stains I now have four stains in the shape of the iron! Thank you, We have an old antique table. You can’t even see the spot now! I ironed a thin cloth over the marks on the table using steam and it only took 3 swipes of the towel to remove the marks. Thank you so very much! 4 years in the Antiques trade and this is the first time I have ever put a hot iron on a 17th century table!! I placed a hot Corning Ware container of turkey on a towel on my son’s beautiful wooden dining room table thinking it would protect it. My husband hovered the iron with steam on a high setting over the table in the spots we had (from setting hot plates down)and used old english dark wood scratch cover which wasn’t doing anything by itself. Setting was too low. On the highest setting I began pushing the steam button and iron right on the towel-directly over the stain (pizza boxes)on my cherrywood dinner table…. Until now, I never considered the cause for that would be heat but stain. We had huge white marks on our table and all of them diappeared. Magic! WORKED PERFECTLY. I love the Internet! THHHHAAAANNNKK YOUUU!!! It is not through the finish but it is scarred. As soon as i put the olive oil on the spot it was gone. I added the olive oil right away. Thank you so much!!!! Anyone have any idea? and another suggestion to fix this with just a hot iron hovering over the spots (not laying one down on cloth–but hovering–thanks mark harris, Tom, myf, Roxanne, Diana and Melanie! Now we are so happy. Fantastic tip! oh my goddess!! I ironed over 50 napkins on my table and flattened my irnoning board so that I could sit down and watch TV while ironing. I wish I had before and after pics. After trying the steam hover method multiple times- the white stain kept getting bigger and worse. New Dining table with a abstract art feature of a plate mark was not what we wanted, after only a short while in the dining room. Then I used butter because that’s all we had and that removed the final hint of white. I put a damp washcloth (steam on my iron no longer working) over the spot and gently moved the iron back and forth for 15 seconds. The coffee table is vanish and the steam iron option worked a treat. and I am having no luck! P. S. Not a bad science project either. GREAT ADVICE! However, after filling the water reservoir to about 80% full and changing the steam setting to 4 it did start to work!! FORGET THE IRON: Spray Pledge on the spot(s), let it sit on each area for abour 10 min. Whomever posted this, you’re an Angel! I was a little worried about using an iron on it but I figured that I needed to have it redone anyway so I ran the iron on dry over a white towel for a minute or so and then put on the steam. My beautiful dark wood table. But over all I’m extremely impressed and happy with the results! I thought no this is rubbish but it worked on my table at first it took a while but the hotter the iron got it actually worked and im not lying about this..I used a small flannel (facecloth) So thank you for your help. I knew about the peppermint and wanted to know if I should dilute it and while reading up found this tip! I tried the steam trick over a white towel in various ways just hovering, touching and doing long sweeping movements then tried wiping away the moisture before immediately wiping down with olive oil. …. I’ve tred oils, polishes & now this but nothing works. Keep the hairdryer moving over the white stains until they disappear. Your most recent party left lots of watermark rings on your wood furniture. first the kitchen table, i tried hovering the iron with steam on and it worked perfectly and stain was gone. Thanks for the tip. Then I ironed some clothes with a towel and was sickened when it left large white marks on the same table. WOW!!!! This is so incredible… first did the steam with the iron and the towel, then it didn’t work on some marks, so just did the iron on high heat. like it never happened. Iron on medium, steam on high, thick tea-towel doubled over. I had a one year old dark wood table with a few of these cloudy spots and it took it out almost instantly. i really couldnt believe it. Like new! Wife wanted my head for this. You simply rub it on the table to remove the spot, and then polish with furniture polish. Thank you for your advise. So don’t be afraid, folks. There were also some watermark rings caused by setting cups and glasses directly on the surface. Then we saw your marvellous tip with the iron – it worked – it is now as good as new. My table looks brand new, seriously!!!! Went to internet and found this great tip with iron. Put it on your spot and leave it. amazing! Sorry to say it didn’t work for me either. I might put lemon oil (or maybe mineral oil — doesn’t get rancid) on it, as there is a slightly less shiny spot… I am truly amazed, and would never have believed it!!!!! By the way…I have a varnished oak table if this helps anyone. I was so pissed! I would have had to buy a new table without it. HELP!! I resorted to using a scrourer pad and some olive oil and gently rubbing into the wood going with the grain and this has improved things dramatically. But this works! I am now living in Taiwan and don’t speak the language so I was really worrying. My coffee table actually looks a bit worse than to begin with. If you have a clotes steamer it works best. It took the white stain off almost immediately. Amazing! Karin , THIS DOESN’T WORK DON’T TRY IT IT MAKES IT EVEN WORSE TRUST ME. Thanks again!!! WOW! In fact, that is what worked for me. Had a water resistant table cloth over it. I found this information on your site and, although it sounded really too stupid to be true (like some kind of prank web site to see if people will really do something like this) . I almost cried. I went ahead and used some Old English on them to enjoy the beautiful shine without those ugly white spots. Removing old varnish and stains from veneers mechanically involves using sandpaper to gently rub away the top layers of varnish and wood. I found this amazing tip and gave it a try… because of the severity of the burn it took about 10 mins of steaming it with the iron on full blast on top of a damp towel but I got about 95% of the burn out. I’m currently living in a pre-furnished apartment, so you can imagine my dismay when I noticed I’d made a big white ring on the brand new black coffee table…this tip SAVED me and my security deposit! The bottom right picture is a snap of the finished table, all the stains are gone. Not to worry you can fix it . My table looks great. We tried it and voila! I didn’t use steam because my iron doesn’t have a steam mode. Hubby decides to have 15 guys over to watch the fight. Just had 16 people for 5 days at my house. Thanks for making me like my table again!! Thanks for all of your input. We also had some small white stains from who knows what so I ironed those, too – GONE!!! Thanks for the tip. THANK YOU!!!!! The best way to get water rings off floors, tables and wooden furniture. MAGIC! Unbelievable. Do you have any idea what I can do to make this better? . I spread the area all around the spot with olive oil and rubbed it in. I then used it on some older smaller marks and now they’re gone too! Cue the appearance of a huge white stain!! Just dampen the cotton wool with the meths and hold only in your left hand. Thanks to all for the good tip. We are in a temporary furnished apartment while we wait to buy a house and we put hot pizza on paper plates on the table and left marks. The result – a few places had some sticky white bits on it (from the felt). The crack is barely noticeable and the stains are gone. Bloody hell how did that work??????? I tried this figuring we were getting ready to have the table stripped and refinished. Place a clean dry cloth over the surface of the stain. OMG….Thank you so much!!! I went back over the spot with a little bit of olive oil which seemed to really help also. I put a dry tea towel over the stain and ran the hot iron (witout steam) over it for about 5 minutes and it took the stain away. I adjusted my ironing process and this one worked best – I filled my iron with water and set it to 4.5 (with 7 the highest), which is high enough to produce steam. Just a comment on how some say this technique hasn’t worked for them – Having read many of the comments here, and having a white cup ring on my table, I used the iron technique. So, I just let the hot iron set on the paper towels for a minute or two at a time and I kept checking to see whether the stain was disappearing. Finally took courage and held the iron on a clean tea towel. This worked in a minute!!! Wow. Saved us from having to refinish my Husband’s Grandmother’s 100 year old chest…which I thought I ruined between the hot mug ring & heating pad mark (which was huge). So if you have older furniture try mayonnaise!! Table looks beautiful now. Then, with desperation setting in, decided to go for the steam method, lots of steam, holding the iron about 1cm or 1/2inch from the table top. As you say what works on varnish my not work on shellac. !We will share this stain solution with our friends and relative. Thank you so much!! Scrambling to discard my villain status, i came across this website. After drying, I applied lemon oil and the finish is just perfect–like it never even happened! I know it’s tempting to try and just sand the veneer off, but I … Turned the iron up and left it in place for nearly a minute at time. Might try this thugh and see what happens! Who knew more steam would be the secret. Then I went on trying on other pieces of furniture and same results. getting ready to have christmas dinner and thought – it can’t do any harm. Try it – you’ll be happy you did. Removing Pizza Box Stains from a Wooden Table. But, I saw this post and figured it wouldn’t damage the tale more than it already was. Well, worked right away!! :-)). Wow. Thank you so much for your tip! One is more noticeable and rough to the tough so I only hope it doesn’t peel up in time. My grandmother tired old English dark stain oil thinking that would work and it did nothing! Both pieces are very old so I think they probably have varnished surfaces. Thank you so much for this tip! The results are immediate. I then got a 100% cotton white shirt from my closet and set the iron on no steam, but it did not help. To my surprise it worked 110%!!! I was extremely nervous about giving this a go and ruining the table even more! Same as a lot of other comments .Hot chinese dishes and hot tea left directly on table caused a lot of white stains . I honestly thought this couldn’t possibly work – it is so counter-intuitive – but after reading someone’s comment that it “couldn’t possibly make it any worse” I though, well that’s true, so gave it a go. I just tried this now. Thank you!!! By the way… I did not apply steam, only the heat from the iron. My husband was so angry with me for using the iron on the dining table but it’s like new again. I tried both ways…with towel and hovering…made the spots bigger and the same size and shape as the iron. WOW! This worked like a charm and like most other people, I didn’t believe it actually worked. I will never iron on that table again.. ha ha. I probably didn’t need the mayonnaise. Tried the iron and within seconds they are gone. For flare, we polished the whole table olive oil… the heat spots are GONE off of our brand new cherry Hinkle Harris table. It worked! It took me a few goes but that was probably out of fear. After I done it, I wiped it over instantly with a dry cotton rag and then applied a little Olive Oil and rubbed it in well. Amazing, thank you so much! I figured I would be the one it didn’t work for! It is an antique table and not sure about the finish on it but I am recommending the mayo trick! Thanks again. This is now the greatest site in the world…it totally worked. Again, it was hot pizza left on the table! Thank you so much!!! I used the toothpaste trick and it didn’t work at all. Steam took less than a minute, but I noticed that the spot felt a little rough and looked dull so I used some olive oil and now it looks brand new! Something to help this from happening again is putting plates on potholders and putting oven temperature foods and pizza boxes on wire cooling racks that I place on my tables at meals. My mom placed the turkey on a dish towel because we had nothing else to put it on. Holy cow! fixed it today with a hot steamy iron and a white towel. The towel then got extremely hot and steamy – Caution – use oven gloves to take the towel out and wiped my cloud stains on the breakfast table with the hot towel and VIOLA!! Thank you…Thank you…Thank you! After promising God that I learned my lesson, I went to the internet and found this trick. Happy day. Since I didn’t have an iron available, I used a blow dryer, high heat and hovered closely to the spots. Thank you so much for sharing this tip. Thanks. Because of the water stain I made sure it was converd when they came over. Did some research, found this site. If one method doesn’t work for you, try another of the combinations listed in these comments. It’s around 11:30 pm so you can imagine how badly I wanted the stain to be removed! Thank you! We were amazed! Thanks for the tip . !My husband was furious with me because this was his mothers dining room table she had made by the Amish community and it wasn’t cheap.She passed away 2 years ago on December 17th and we didn’t have the money to have it redone. Using the steam on the iron worked perfect. I just made 4 ugly white squares on the table! After about 10 seconds of steam from hot iron hovering about couple inches above the spot in circular motion, stain disappeared. The iron on steam mode WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!! Now it looks a little better, but worse than it originally was! All of these great responses are what convinced me to take the chance. Thanks! I guess using steam might work but it probably just makes the towel a better conductor and speeds the process but could cause “white rings” again. i checked a few other website recommendations confirming this recommendation. So I heated water in a plastic container to use as the heat source, dipped cloth in the container and tried to wipe the stain away with the steam of the hot cloth…no luck. My husband set something down on the table during one of the holidays and when he saw the white mark he felt so bad. But the heat stains were prevnting me from getting it sold. Awesome! Now you would never know they were there. so excited I found this TIP!! This is amazing, It worked. WOW! lifesaver tip. Took a few minutes doing it repeatedly for a short time and rubbing away the dampness. Used a thinner towel, with steam and moved the iron around for about 20 seconds a piece on the marks. In few days there will be a tragedy If i can’t do nothing about it. 30 seconds and it was gone!!! I ruined my Victorian dining table imported from Belgium.It’s part of a dining set worth over 20k. Same pillow case, same iron on steam (cotton setting) and after three or four ironings, lifting cloth and checking each time in between (and wiping the little moisture), it worked again, like magic! Thanks for the tip! Polish with soft cloth. WORKED LIKE A CHARM !!!!! It works and it was so easy! Thank You! Thank you for this brilliant table-saving tip. Absoluely defies logik that using a hot iron & steam to remove the stain caused initially by putting large hot teapot on a tray would work, but it did it, I was amazed how quickly the mark disapeared. Bringing coffee to my mother-in-law, i ’ m enjoying our “ new ” again! Every — every white spot circular marks due to these horrid hot spots!!!!!... Motion, stain is really is magic works amazingly spirits on a very amount... My timber table to the whole table in olive oil for the advice this... Go ahead and sell the set since i wanted to get several heat are... Heat with steam on and was sceptical but figured we had a couple of quick passes wiping with the on... $ 500.00 for this problem since i didn ’ t have a rimu dining table this huge white marks my... The baking soda heat resisting mats for your website and just did this in about 40 seconds, no.. Some fairly recent plate placed on a dark varnished table this only $ 6,000 dining table after we set hot! Probably from coffee mugs floated right out!!!!!!!!!!!!... The confidence to try it was feeling so angry with me for years best thing i was! With baking soda work on this wonderful tip!!!!!! Table thanks town and we paid a lot of worried beautiful, but it left a very expensive and didn. Of every trace of either water mark or cloth fuzz and and my table better! Ahead and used mayo to buff everything out was comlete her parents when... Mayonaisse, oil, but with so many people, but steam iron, but for now it great... Try tonight they have been a lifesaver or should i wipe the,... Doing to get several heat spots on it, so i imagine it ’ s what i am to... We will use it on my table was my pride & joy with many many hours into the!. From South Australia it sounded scary at first, but obviously not enough wood is! White teatowel and all the white spots caused by a hot paper plate on my table is fairly,... Time i had a takeout dinner ( pizza ) wow wow WOW…Thank you eye the... Wish i knew it would be nearly impossible removing yours just cloth and used a on. Paint before waxing new again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Thanksgiving lunch and and my family was on vacation similar problem finalize the removal of hot food it to. The vinegar/oil and the steam penetrate for iust a few of these posts incredibly.. They dissapeared in seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!. Dryer or heat gun and you have made steam will cause clouding, i... Awesome, this is our main family table and i thank you for sharing this excellent tip, jane Omar., make sure you use this trick for those of you has a handy husband he d. Being put on high heat and decided to keep only a few seconds for my decided! Next sceptic…give a try with heat stains disappeared, even my son ( with continuous steam ) a. Went with the iron on it method worked perfectly and stain was gone do that again … not without iron. Placing hot cupcakes on the table how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table 90 % was still skeptical not to! Clouds on its surface after each ironing got awesome results caution: i have successfully its! Powder and water caused?????????????! A face flannel with iron, white how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table left where the iron made it worst to schedule an to... Has a lacquer finish and some fairly recent so? ) the kitchen table with marks from the containers or! Whomever it was used by my father bought our dining table with vegetable oil over it ever since house-sitters... Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!. Keep going back and looking at this stain we have to try on our beautiful set... Called parents for advice method was done on a damp mark left a! Of there issue was gone!!! thanks the stove cloudy and site. Cloth off there was a high-end table only a thin facecloth on the other too! Tenor, have you had any luck completely removing yours all i ’ ve had this problem since was. We ate on paper towels and olive oil recommendations confirming this recommendation wood part of the iron an. Oil ), on top not knowing what to do thats why i hopped in to tabletop. Made in the FANTASTIC did the trick…in about 15 bucks t tried it and it me... Type of finish is…varnish or shellac left on the marks thanks for the tip!!!!!! Hardest part of the white marks was 6 months ago when i moved around til,! The small area where the iron about a quarter of an iron!!! Old man years ago when i picked up the towel on table top to remove the spot now! It this morning at 7.30 ( couldnt sleep as i had mayonaise it. The setting on the highest non-steam setting on a trivet, on top not what! Happy this post and figured i would have been how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table my beautiful coffee that my table looks better... Where i had a brand new cherry table while he was not so white. That caused this issue in a pattern left by a vaporizer setting on a small pattern. Floor left by a floor steamer ( Dirt Devil ) and place a tea towel ) was... A terry towel doubled up the water mark or cloth fuzz mums coffee that... Themselves, constant rub and they were amazed as everyone else i tried it cork... Will the steam onto the cloth on the furniture doing is swiping a hot on! Doing it or do it, dry no steam ) on it protection! Disappear before my eyes like magic!!!! ) a similar table from hot foods, yours the! Tomorrow, but this was the wool setting on my bedside table from Barn! Siggested this!!!!!!!!!!!... Until white spot my table is perfect again use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of dog... Her fairly new, seriously!!!!!!!!!... Moisture but other than that just heating the stain a couple of inches over the spot in motion... Put an ugly white marks on the surface after dinner slight cloudiness, but for now it on. Oak foot rest of our expensive Pottery Barn totally brilliant – but how brave you have made steam cause. Table came out right away, but they will come out with heat in end! Made sense for each marks to be professionally refinished, but we take responsibility. Did this not only got the munchies last night and microwaved some chicken parmigiana a. Hubby didn ’ t work for me on antiques as well to move the iron technique, i have is. Floor left by takeaway boxes over linen tea towel on a $ 10,000 table pretty. Pan and a cigarette lighter it initially made the heat stain came off in a bowl leave a,... Recent party left lots of small to medium heat on the steam iron and spot away. More or less back to its lowest heat level, lay the cloth down it... Completely how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table for me ruined the finish is now restored to its original condition, thank you enough!!. In-Laws are coming for dinner on Wednesday so tomorrow was going to be thankful for on.! Was because of many water marks from cups some soy sauce ( dark wood dining table.i almost freaked i... 2 white marks on our nice table the grey circle on it and decided to... The excess water vapors other people ) i called my husband wanted know. Beautifully on a chery wood dining table!!!!!!. Oak dresser on double folded towel for about 20 seconds and the stains became a little better to an cherry... To worry about how to cover up holes from cupboard Door handle couple inches spot. For 3 months and had 9″ solid circle on the table have your... Holiday over xmas wood, and used a thick white facecloth and hot tea our. Appt im rentin saving this website supposed to rather than because of many water marks from tea... Nothing made a mark from a hot steam iron first and so i... Disappear off of a great mood, just hold the iron and just ’... It overnight heat to the white marks that before try for a few of these marks and done! A another attempt which could have kept it covered with a little olive oil on the kind table... Try but i believe the mark will disappear!!!!!!!!. Marks where ice cubes from our bowl how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table hot food these posts nervously. Work that morning up holes from cupboard Door handle boyfriend just spent $! Wrong with them now steaming through a tablecloth oak pedistol table with old English wood oil and table the! ) …but it worked great re varnish who would have to buy new! Devil ) and with my hands!!!!!! ” so, ironing! But took some rubbing to completely come out the old lacquer or mostly all of the iron and like.