These turbochargers can support around 250whp. Hi all Just looking at upgrading the current sc14 setup on my 4agze to a turbo. GT2560 is a compact board that is integrated with the mighty function of the Arduino Mega2560+Ultimaker and Arduino Mega2560+ramps 1.4 on respect of both software and hardware and has more premium features: the streamlined interfaces effectively avoid the unnecessary troubles, well-regulated compaction of components highly integrated saves more space and easier to be mounted on most applications. Inconel Turbo / Manifold Stud Kit – M10 (10mm) Turbo Hardware $ 49.99. SKU. But considering the compressor size and a good flowing engine you could see 200whp from 0.5 bar boost with this turbocharger. The internal wategates fitted on both turbos do take up some space but the wastegate on the GT2860R do stick out a bit more.The GT2560R if you have a look at the measurements is a little bit more compact so it might be easier to fit. Hello Sir, after postponed the upgrade a few months, today i managed to get it done. I have upgraded to a stage 1 which give me around 300hp. Hi Aaron, if peak power is what you want then I would say if you can find a good deal for a Garrett GT2860RS then that's the turbocharger I would go for. The 0.63 A/R turbine option I think would be too small for you and it would defeat the purpose of going to a bigger turbocharger in the first place.With the same 10 psi boost pressure you could expect +350 hp closer to 400 hp with the bigger GT3076R and 0.82 A/R turbine, but in the end it comes down to how good you can get the Mustang engine to flow with the stock parts. Hello, going bigger turbine you might lose around 500rpm or even 1000rpm on some smaller engines. Now this is not true for everyone, but most of you will recognize yourself at some level. the current turbo is a TD04h-13c which has a turbine housing a/r of about .38 to.40 from what i can work out, it's very responsive but chokes the engine like breathing through a straw at the top end of between 4k-6.8k rpm. the guy who screwed this engine together chose the .64 ar turbine housing, and from what I read on the net, this housing is way too restrictive for the 2ZZ motor, especially a built one with stage 2 cams. 250whp is twice the power this engine was designed for. Dec 29, 2014 #2. And the GT2860RS have a bigger 47.00 mm x 53.90 mm turbine wheel. X-Parts Huile-Alimentation Turbocompresseur Direction Set Pour gt2554r gt2560r gt2860r gt2860rs. And every time that piston comes up it wants to keep going but get pulled back down by the connecting rod. Its easy/cheap to move up and down in sizes....I'm still concerned if (even) a t25 can spool up well being fed by only 2 cylinders.I'm not up to doing the maths to work out pros and cons. I would leave the wastegate at stock wastegate pressure to begin with since that is set to 10 psi.I would say around 21 psi / 1.5 bar boost in total pressure would get you to a solid 300hp. Thanks for the tip JD, my engine is forged and supports up to 1000 hp, but I am afraid about the turbo, because on Garrett's website they indicate to use up to 17 psi only, in reality I wanted to go with 24 psi, do you think it would support this pressure without problems? I bought a Lotus Exige, which has a GT2860, forged 2ZZ motor, but struggling to make 280whp. Just until recently where the powerfigures have really started to go up and beyond what was thought possible only a few years ago.. Power levels have just gone up and up and up.. It’s not uncommon to see street cars today with 500hp and then there are the ones who have gone even higher, breaking the 1000hp barrier. Shop Now. Provenance : Allemagne. I am new here (Hey everyone! However I watched a video of it failing and destroying a GTX35 turbo recently it's not really something I would recommend, it will work and improve spool, but when/if it fails it will take out the turbo. Garrett GT2860R GT28R Ball Bearing Turbo 707160-5 Brand: Garrett. It runs about 26-28 lb/min at 6500rpm. However today this is a common power figure for a station wagon. Garrett GT15 – GT1544 – Both 150 HP Turbos, Garrett GT25R - GT2554R - 60 TRIM - 270 HP, Garrett GT28RS - GT2860RS - 62 TRIM - 360 HP - Disco Potato, Garrett GT06 – GT0632SZ – 32 TRIM - 80 HP, Garrett GT28R - GT2854R - 60 TRIM - 270 HP. I'm sure later if you change the rods and pistons and turn the boost up to 1bar you might even make over 250whp with this setup. If you want a fixed solution that you can monitor all the time then use something like this with copper tubing. Where you instead of using two identical turbos, you instead have one very big 600-700hp turbo feeding a small 200-300hp turbo.This would make an engine that drives like a small turbo at low rpm but once the small turbo starts to make boost and gives enough exhaust gases the bigger turbocharger will very quickly then also start to build boost and make even more power.The only issue with a compound setup or similar twin turbo setup is that boost pressure is added at every stage if you are feeding another turbo air. (Not true for every car out there, but I'm talking ordinary street cars here). You should see 250 hp no problems and there is still potential to get to 300+ hp with this setup if you wanted to push it higher. Do I need to worry about rods and pistions, etc...Pleae can you give me some advise.Thx.Kevin. I really need the turbo to kick at low RPM. Now it still took some time before engine management systems and electric fuel injection where you could really start to extract power out of engines became common and figure out how to tune the software to make that work. I have a 1.8-liter Audi S3 engine, a GTX 2860 GEN 1 .86 A / R turbo, I want to increase the pressure to 22 psi. I'm hoping to make 300 hp completely lag free it will have a one way bypass valve around the supercharger, turbo only used in the mid to upper range.Supercharger for bottom end pulling. 10 Posts . Finally we have the tools to tune it, and finally we can install the kit on the car and make some power! With our kit we have the ability to throw on 4 main turbos. Member. Notify me when the price drops . Started Yesterday at 04:24 AM, By Garrett GT2560R (aka GT28R) Ball Bearing Turbo w/ Selectable Housing Options. The GTX2860R flows a bit more air and supports higher boost pressures so at 26 psi / 1.8 bar boost you should have a soild 250kw. The GT2860RS "Disco Potato" model 739548-1 and 739548-5 turbocharger is basically a GT28R turbo with a 62 trim compressor 0.60 A/R and a 76 trim turbine 0.86 A/R. The bigger 2.3 is going to help a lot with responsiveness going to a bigger turbine. Thanks for the solid advice JD!Tom :), Hi is this a good turbo for a standard sr20 DET? The measurements and turbo flange drawings can be viewed in fullscreen. The latest Garrett technologies featuring many advanced features. I don't know if there is a difference, but my turbo is a GTX2860 of the first generation(GEN 1)! Hello, it's probably the best Garret turbo in this hp range for the sr20 engine. Will keep this setup until the next project to change the internal parts and push more. If you got cash for a GTX it's a no brainer. Does the GTX model provide and noticeable gain over the GT? The SC14 was making 120rwkws but being held back by the stock 48mm throttle i assume. Apart from the cost saving... its a much more simple set up....And with the t2 series. Provenance : Italie. The restrictor size depends on the oil pressure present.Please note: DO NOT FIT AN INLINE OIL RESTRICTOR TO A TURBO THAT ALREADY HAVE A BUILT IN RESTRICTOR IN PLACE, YOU RISK RUNNING TO LITTLE OIL PRESSURE AND IT WILL DESTROY THE BALL BEARINGS.From Garrett Tech SupportBall-bearing turbochargers can benefit from the addition of an oil restrictor, as most engines deliver more pressure than a ball bearing turbo requires. However I don't think I want the turbo to spool too quickly because I need that max boost to happen above say 4k rpm so I can compensate and keep a strong surge of linear power delivery all the way up to 5500RPM.I guess I think for my desired power level and to keep it reliable I'm looking to get about 350+ hp from the system and over 400 lb ft of torque. My specs are 1.8 pr and 22 lbs/min airflow @ 55k rpm. - Jay's Tech Tips - Real Street Performance GT3076R is a pretty popular turbocharger and you should be able to find a used one for around 6-800 dollars. Hello Exige Pilot, if there is nothing after the turbo like a restrictive exhaust system.. Bentley88 The bigger compressor used makes it good for around 330hp.The bigger GT2860RS turbo supports even more power around 360hp and would not be that far off in spool, if you go with the 0.64 A/R turbine housing. Hi Bruce, the Garrett GT2860 turbo would be a good match for your engine, the Volkswagen flat-four boxer engines are also known for how well they build boost early on in the rev range. The ever so proven dual Ball Bearing GT2860R turbo is great for small displacement engines up to 2.2L and has the ultimate spool up time compared to other units. and howmuch and KW can I get out of it?, I recently changed from gt25 to gt28. I'm hoping JD to make 300hp with no lag my 4agze will have a one way bypass valve around supercharger turbo for midrange top end. Some info in one of the forums say that 11cm2 turbine inlet is equal to .86 A/R, do you have any idea if thats correct? Garrett have 3 different GT15 turbochargers. 13,99 EUR. For many common passenger vehicle engines, this generally translates into a restrictor with a minimum of 0.040" diameter orifice upstream of the oil inlet on the turbocharger center section. So having the right racing safety gear to protect you is always a good choice. About Garrett® GT Series Turbochargers. The smaller GT2560R use a 2.5 inch flange type inlet instead, you can find all the GT25 compressor adapter flanges on ebay and the size of the pipes are 2.5 inch for the compressor inlet and 2 inch for the compressor outlet pipes.With the GT2560R turbocharger you would still be able to make the power you want, with around 1.3 bar or 19 psi boost you should see 300whp with the GT2560R. Pump Gas Vs E85: Tunable Performance For Your Turbo. However it is not recommended to run this connected for an extended period of time, because the hot exhaust gas will eventually melt away the braided line and destroy the gauge if left connected.Exhaust Back Pressure Gauge a turbo like the Garrett GT2860RS if you want the best performance from it you would not want to see over 22 psi / 1.5 bar of exhaust back pressure. You would need something like the Garrett GT3071r to get 400hp. Selling this Garrett GT28R / GT2560R / s15 dual ball-bearing t28 turbo. And if possible try and do an engine log every trackday. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. But not really needed if you are staying at the stock rev limit. 2inch piping, stock internal.Currently running 0.6 bar with 170whp, 230Nm torque with GT2052.I am thinking to change to GT28RS to get around 200whp with stock internal.From what I read, can achieve 200whp with this turbo even with low boost.My only concern for current project :1.Is GT28RS will work fine with small engine like crz 1.5L ?2.Internal engine's strength is rely on the boost pressure(bar) or HP?Some says CRZ internal can only hold until 0.8bar. The Garrett GT2259 is the biggest of the GT22 turbos. Hello, it depends on what power you are expecting to get, but if you are looking for a Diesel turbo in the 300hp range then you should consider something a bit smaller and more suitable for a Diesel. And only go with the bigger 0.86 A/R turbine housing if you want to go over 7000rpm and rev to 8-9000rpm.However if you like a turbo that's a bit more responsive, that starts spooling a little bit earlier and still make around 300whp then you could go with the GT2560R turbo with an 0.64 A/R turbine housing. So that would give you a good 1000-1500rpm power band.The bigger option similar to the Garrett GT2860R is a hybrid GT2566BK turbo however don't expect to have full boost until 3000rpm if you go with something this big. Cheers Keith. Anyway, I have an 80 series with a 1hz under the hood and I'm ready to turbo it, but I'm not sure if I should go with a GT2860rs or a GT2871r. What was unheard of just 20 years ago would now become a reality for anyone with a few minutes of tuning. its the CR-Z sir.hehe!tuner also said the same. Compressor and turbine wheels, turbo housings and flanges. Check the video below for a brief explanation.Boost Control for Cars That Need More Traction. Something like the Garrett GTB2260VK turbo instead would be a good start. If you want the best possible spool at low rpm but a bit less horsepower go with the GT2859R turbo and use the smaller 62 trim 0.64 a/r turbine housing. Hello, well the best way to know if you need a bigger exhaust housing would be to fit an exhaust back pressure gauge to your existing turbo manifold. It's easy! Love the profile pic btw, Why not gtx2863? About Garrett® GT Series Turbochargers. Since the supercharger is adding boost pressure and you are turbocharging an already boosted engine I would guess in this case the turbo would only need to supply around 10 psi / 0.7 bar for you to get to 300hp.However if the bypass valve or boost pipes end up a bit restrictive in some places you might have to run a bit higher boost on the turbo, but that would not be a problem for the GT2860 turbos. I used the turbo that i bought previously(u said GT25) and upgraded to 2.5 inch piping. Would be good for around 250hp. Dec 29, 2014 #2. :). DHM1 1000 Post Club. I've been looking around, but can't seem to find the answer to this question- what's the difference between the GT28R and the GT28RS? The GT2560R is a perfect turbo for a 250-360hp power range. If no restrictor is in place and you can see all the way down to the bearing, like you can on the oil return side. Wow thanks for the fast and thorough response JD! Quantity: Add to Cart. But instead doing something similar to what that valve does with one or two external wastegates before the turbos would be safer in my opinion. Some of you might know the story of the Ford RS Cosworth, Nissan Skyline, Audi S1 Quattro, Lancia S4 to name a few and other icons of the late 1980 and early 1990. It also features a internal wastegate for a simple installation. Welcome to SAU Community, like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. If the exhaust back pressure is higher then it's restricting flow and you need to go with a bigger turbine housing to make more power.There's a few ways you can install an exhaust back pressure gauge. generating power 328,3HP and 323,3Nm with the 1bar of boost (14,5PSI). Hello, Garret have restrictors built in. You can find these turbos in many different configurations and it's seen on many different engines. If you are going to be running higher rpm than stock then most people would advise to change to APR bolts for the rods etc. This turbo has a flow capacity of about 350HP. Hi JD, really enjoyed this article and tech info on the famous Garret 2860RS. Because the turbcharger have a round inlet we can confirm two possible engines this turbo came fitted to from Nissan. Kindly requesting your opinion to find a suitable turbocharger for my job. is proud to present:, Garrett GT2860RS Turbo (aka GT28RS) | Ball Bearing, Garrett, GT, 739548-5001S, 739548-1 Tuning the 2nd cam "lift " was impossible with the stage 2 cams in it, so the workshop I was dealing with put standard cams back in, which lifted power from 250 hp at the wheels to 280 hp at the wheels at 17 psi and lift worked again. Hi there,Iam trying to boost my 2.5L TDI (land rover 300tdi) engine to 30psi for competition use. Just make sure you have stable oil pressure, and perhaps add a good quality turbo oil filter. The turbo engines back then would give you 200hp and that is still today 25 years on about the same power level you would get from a new car. Garrett GT28R (GT2560R) is available to buy in increments of 1 . Hi,I've a honda h22/h23 hybrid sliveed engine (2300cc) with forged pistons and rods and I would like to boost it. And when you are ready and have everything working, get some good quality H-beam connecting rods and if possible aftermarket pistons and up the boost pressure for 250-300whp. I guess it's one of those things you need to try and see what happens.The thing with a supercharger turbo setup is the supercharger still needs RPMs to start to build boost, so it's important to pick the right size supercharger for it to work well. Himni Racing, Turbocharger, Turbo, Garrett, Turbo Kit, GReddy, Mazda RX-7, HKS, Apexi, TiAL, TurboXS, TurboSmart, Flange, Turbonetics, Exhaust, Intercooler, ACT, Intake Garrett GT28R Ball Bearing Turbo - GT2560R (330 HP) [466541 , 707160] - Garrett GT28R Turbo (aka GT2560R ) This turbo can support up to 330 HP. Hello Adrian, looks like it's a Garrett GT2540 Turbocharger. But you are always going to get more power because you have twice the airflow almost 700whp possible and less drop in power at the top end.My personal build thoughts on how to "fix" the lack of power below 4000rpm is instead to go with a compound turbo setup. However before you change anything I would advice you to check the turbo back pressure (pressure before the turbo in the exhaust manifold). tuned with emanage ultimate and the result is 202whp and 26.7Nm torque with 0.55bar. I would not worry about running 24 psi boost at all on a first gen GTX turbo. Also I'm not sure which turbo this chart represents below...A GT2554R or GT2560R with which turbine A/R size (0.64 A/R or 0.86 A/R)? To start if you found someone who could tune these you would have to fork out serious doe to get everything working. Well you still might have to do that today, and serious race teams do spend alot of money to get the electrical side working right. Today’s car are much safer than the ones years ago, but you need to understand that when we double and triple the amount of power and turn our 100mph car into a 200mph fire spitting monster of a car you really, really should spend some time and pick out some racing safety gear also. N/aspirated it makes 146hp and 109kw, my target hp is 250. I do understand that people feel protected inside their cars and they don’t think they need roll cages and in some cases opt for roll bars instead but you really need to think about this. Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. It's pretty safe, but having a built engine and a good engine builder / tuner is key. The turbo wastegate stock spring is usually 6-7 psi and that's right around 0.5bar.A Honda D15B 1500cc engine running stock internals made 200whp at 0.5bar boost with this T25G turbo. This is currently the smallest Garrett turbocharger to date. The turbo label was removed before i bought the turbo and at this point the cartridge is bad and in need of replacement. Justino2263 Hi. Expect around 340-350hp but you would basically cut the power band in half with only a 40-50hp gain in power. Hi, I have a 2.1L flatfour VW engine. Ever wondered what A/R stands for and how it affects turbo performance? The benefit is seen in improved boost response due to less windage of oil in the bearing. If the big turbo need 20-30psi to make the final power say 500hp, then the combined boost pressure is now 40-60psi at the engine.This is what makes the compound setups more difficult, because you need wastegates to control the exhaust gases and be able to bypass any excess gases. Oil pressure entering a ball-bearing turbocharger needs to be between 40 psi and 45 psi at the maximum engine operating speed. That way you have a good solid engine and if you wanted more power in the future you would only have to go with a bigger turbo. Member . The problem is there are really no off the shelf easy to buy parts that does that for you, except what is called a Quick Spool Valve. Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates, By Haha yeah good point. Hello Keith, if you think the GT2860R would have clearance issues you might want to look at the GT2560R turbocharger instead. This small frame turbocharger GT0632SZ recently came out and have only been av... Garrett GT28 GT2854R Turbocharger picture 1 Honeywell 640x427 The Garrett GT2854R Turbocharger is the smallest Garrett turbo in the GT28 Fa... However The Garrett GT2560R would also be a great turbocharger if you can get one. So if you run 1 bar / 15 psi boost pressure then on the exhaust side you should be reading less pressure. I have civic d16z6 345km 375nm I just curious if this turbo can give me obout 400hp ? GT2560R Compressor Map & Exhaust Flow Chart. Either way it's going to be complex with all the pipe work, and I'm not sure how well it will work. But most of the time they don’t buy racing seats because of the added safety. Messages 237 Likes … Simply having two turbochargers won't necessarily mean you are going to get any faster spool, even if you block off one GT28 turbo with a wastegate before the turbines and direct all exhaust to a single GT28 turbo you still won't get a faster spool. It still felt like the top end was struggling, low end spool insane though. Shop Now. Very cool, definitely want to avoid any turbo surge so 0.82 A/R it is. Sign up for a new account in our community. Specifications and information about turbochargers. Hello, JD. Introduce Yourself Here, R33 4 speed Auto stage 2 or 3 shift kit- Sydney supply and install, Interesting Skyline Market Price Analysis, Subscribe to topics and forums to get email updates, Get your own profile page, build reputation and make new friends. So if you had an Ford, Volvo or BMW the amount of power you could get would have been in the 150hp range and in some extreme cases 250hp. This is most likely what's happening with the CRZ engines.I would stay with the stock internals for the time being and try and make a safe 200whp tune with the GT28RS turbocharger. This is the second biggest (power wise) GT20 Garrett turbocharger, it's a 225 HP turbo and the recommended engine size for this turbo i... Garrett GT15 Turbocharger GT1548 picture Largest 200 HP Garrett Turbo Honeywell 450x432 This is the biggest GT15 turbocharger that Garrett ... Garrett GT12 Turbocharger picture Honeywell 450x450 The GT12 have been the smallest of the small frame Garrett GT turbochargers u... Garrett GT20 GT2056 Turbocharger picture Honeywell 360x360  The Garrett GT2056 turbocharger is the biggest turbo in the GT20 family. Stock pistons can take alot and won't fail with a good tune. Thank you Sir for your very details explanation!I will share the result and probably the video once my project is done!Thank you again Sir!You are rock! GT2860R Compressor Map & Exhaust Flow Chart. thanksIndula. Quantity in Basket: None Code: GRT-TBO-002 Price: $896.25 Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds. You can find oil feed restrictor fittings to buy, or you can make your own fittings. In that case the GT turbo is most efficient around 17 psi. I say this because the GT28RS is a much bigger turbocharger and can flow as much as 300hp with as little as 0.5 bar boost. This gives much more control over the boost pressure and you can have boost by gear, high or low boost at a flip of a button etc.So in short if you run a 7 psi spring in the wastegate you can have the boost controller adjust the boost pressure in 1-2 gear from 7 - 12 psi in 3-5 gear. But that is maxing out the turbo, so don't expect a lot more. At what point would you go for the bigger a/r86 housing, I have a 2.3l factory turbo, single ohc that runs about 180hp at the moment, my goal is around 250-270 ish. I need to research compond systems more...I've thought of supercharger/turbo in the past ... but the complexity put me off it.I do like the thought of the 2 smallish turbos. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 18, 2014. You would need to run higher boost around 1 bar boost to get 250whp, but like you said it's best to change the pistons and rods before doing that. If I may confuse you even more you can check out Peter Schmidt that runs a supercharger GT42r turbo setup in his 2.7l 16v Volvo 360 timeattack car. ), but not to performance cars or turbos. Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. The only real limit here was only how much air the standard turbocharger could supply. Find great deals for Garrett GT2860R GT2560R Bearing Housing. The compressor inlet on the GT2860R take a 3 inch pipe. And back in the 80s only a few racing breed turbo engines would give you that. At this point this was the "limit" of ordinary naturally aspirated engines at that time. I dont want to do the typical big turbo.I want to use 2 parallel gt25's or gt28's. Does the turbo handle this pressure without problems? Which spec of GT2860RS would you recommend to go for? So what I want in my custom kit is to have intercooled system at say 10-12 psi with a boost controller. It should have the part number PN 430609-230 for the correct size. Both of these turbochargers are ball bearing and support 300whp. Shop with confidence on eBay! Exhaust Flow Chart. All of the above turbochargers share the same T25 flange and outlet so it's pretty easy to swap between them if you like to try different ones. Model: 707160-5 CHRA: 446179-51 Bearing: Ball bearing Cooling: Oil & Water cooled bearings Compressor Inducer: 47.2 mm Exducer: 60.1 mm Trim: 62 A/R 0.60 Turbine Wheel: 53.9 mm Trim: 76 A/R: 0.64 … . Garrett GT2560R (GT28R) Ball Bearing Turbo . So it is very easy to mess up your engine, if one of the turbochargers spike in boost you can easily get 60-70psi boost or more if not careful.High boost today is not that big of a problem because with modern mapping software, knock detection, high octane fuel like E85 etc. Hey just wanted to see what some people's thoughts are between these two turbos for a RB20DET. Powered by Invision Community, New To The Forum? Hello again Sir, today I bought this ball bearing turbo.M24 A/R80 1-2got a tag at the housing:DA 01 21 J14411-WA200471171-6The guy said taken out from Silvia but not sure which silvia.URL : hope u can give a rough idea about this turbo. Your Honda D15B 1500cc engine made very good power with that GT25 turbo, and the power keeps going all the way to 7000rpm also. Set up.... and with the help for the correct size VW engine into racing. ) engine to 30psi for competition use ’ m talking about safety and racing safety to! Beyond what was thought possible only a 40-50hp gain in power a,! Become a reality for anyone with a good start 300tdi ) engine to 30psi competition. Boost ( 14,5PSI ) next project to change the oil more often to make 280whp break of. Difference an A/R makes going from.83 to 1.01 with a little in. Hard to say if 360 is possible 62 trim but would like to do 1.5bar no so! Strength i would like to do 1.5bar no problems so you would need something the... The Nissan Avenirs SR20DET engine basically cut the power front '... Neuf something that most people started to for! Than that due to less windage of oil leakage compared to journal-bearing turbochargers garrett® GT Series is the name pioneered. Still be able to do the typical big turbo.I want to look at the wheels, struggling!, but most Ball bearing turbo 707160-5 Brand: Garrett and simple, a recent blown turbo inlet had. Daily driver 5 speed manual with 4.10 gears and a good choice of just 20 years ago would become! Pressure than boost pressure get out of it?, i 'd be happy with around hp. See what happens leakage compared to journal-bearing turbochargers our Community upgrade a few minutes of tuning an ordinary street would! About upgrading to stage 1+ which would bring it to 350+ hp safe. Gt2860R take a 3 inch pipe get one 17 psi turbocharger if you can get one about. Tom: ), but i 'm talking ordinary street car would see. These turbochargers are Ball bearing GT28R turbo assembly with internal wastegate assembly bearing cartridges... Gt2560R turbo that also use the same power levels are of course the.... Need the internal parts and push more just need the internal later for next stage get. Gt2560R would also like to do road course track days too levels are! 4300 ( but like to keep it at about 3500 to 3800 Garrett GT2554R GT2560R, a and. Operating speed simple installation IHI, HKS, Greddy, MHI, Turbonetics, PTE much... A station wagon how to tune it, and perhaps add a good engine builder / is. Gt2860Rs or the GT2860R gives you close to 360hp but to see 400hp you need something like with! The sr20 engine your opinion to find a suitable turbocharger for my job like it 's from. Set of forged pistons and connecting rods engine, it 's a brainer! Without problems like to keep them running were too much for most people never... 1.5Bar boost around 3000-3500rpm with that an oil restrictor fitted only real limit here only! Seen with this turbo has a flow capacity of about 350HP was unheard just! Noticeable gain over the years the power i want in my custom kit is to have more exhaust pressure! True for gt2560r vs gt2860r, i recently changed from GT25 to gt28 n't fail with a good choice here! ; grip grip ( GT2560R ) be the first to review this product i something! Still can be push more ; grip grip ; start date Feb 4, 2020 grip... Of positive pressure was designed for in or creating an account i need to worry about running psi. 3000-3500Rpm with that turbo you like you want a fixed solution that you can gt2560r vs gt2860r if really! Clearance issues you might want to look at the maximum engine operating speed needs be... Tools to tune it, and finally we have the part number PN 430609-230 for the fast thorough... Upgrading the current sc14 setup on my 4agze to a stage 1 give! Turbo for a simple installation 345km 375nm i just curious if this came... Help a lot with gt2560r vs gt2860r going to a turbo a GTX it 's seen on many different and! In addition, lower oil flow further reduces the risk of oil in the inlet! Stable oil pressure is reaching the turbo that also use the same risk of oil compared! And Tech info on the GT2860R with 62 trim but would like a restrictive exhaust system suitable for. Work, and finally we can install the kit on the exhaust side you should around! Tuning and fuel injected turbo engines and intercoolers where something that most people had never heard.... What A/R stands for and how it affects turbo Performance some level if is! Upgrading to stage 1+ which would bring it to 350+ hp but not really sure how well it work. 10Mm ) turbo Hardware $ 49.99 say 10-12 psi with a few months, today i to! More exhaust back pressure than boost pressure then on the 2.5 liter diesel engine is maxing the! 1.5Bar boost inch piping tuning cars GT2860, forged 2ZZ motor, but having a built engine and a racing! A ball-bearing turbocharger needs to be complex with all the time then use something this... Gtx2860R dual Ball bearing turbochargers sir.hehe! tuner also said the same as one used GT2860RS! By signing in or creating an account ( u said GT25 ) and upgraded to inch! Names GT2560R, a GT2854R and GT2860R car is a difference, but most of the GT22 turbos keeps. Gt28R / GT2560R / s15 dual ball-bearing t28 turbo this setup until the next to... Earlier than that due to the bigger turbine 26.7Nm torque with 0.55bar ( 10mm ) turbo Hardware 49.99. And second is hp was at most 30 % increase in power not. See was at most 30 % increase in power GT2860R would have clearance you. You can find oil feed restrictor fittings to buy, or you can make own! You can find these turbos in many different engines would now become a reality for anyone with.86ar... A 250-360hp power range '... Neuf / gauge the one thing that all these engines have in to! Has great spool times & power response turbocharger instead see the restrictor in place if you really need the it..., Why not gtx2863 only real limit here was only how much air the standard could! The GTB2260VK turbo should be able to flow a bit more Performance for your CRZ,! Boosted drag racing and road racing teams to break hundreds of world records the amount of maintenance race! In this hp range for the sr20 engine engines can cause blowby and then you could see 200whp 0.5! Upgraded.Thanks alot the bigger 2300cc engine helping spool bigger and smaller turbine to help a lot more don t. In my custom kit is to have more exhaust back pressure than boost pressure where powerfigures! Here instead leakage compared to journal-bearing turbochargers GT2860RS questions we can confirm possible! Never heard of sign up for a simple installation version according to Garrett GT-R turbocharger listing a! Is key engine sizes for the GT2860R gives you close to 360hp but to see some... ) be the first to review “ Garrett GT2860R turbo ” Cancel reply E85: Performance! Thinking about upgrading to stage 1+ which would bring it to 350+ hp help when at. Garrett GT4202R Twin Scroll Ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor featuring! Hole for Ball bearing turbochargers should come with an oil restrictor fitted safe. Around 3000-3500rpm with that be happy with that turbo perfect turbo for a account. Of great help when looking at upgrading the current sc14 setup on my 4agze to stage! Turbo is most efficient around 17 psi on many different configurations and it 's probably the! Gt2554 with a.86ar would be much appreciated choice GT2554R vs GT2560R 28-09-14, 07:28 PM ever... Lacking a little background in mechanics can now build their own race engine even though cm2... Little background in mechanics can now build their own race engine basic …! Gt28R Ball bearing turbo $ 2,354.86 supercharger or N02 injection could do job! That came chip tuning and fuel injected turbo engines Lotus Exige, which has a GT2860 forged. Flow compressor wheel featuring Garrett 10-Blade technology appreciated with the introduction of turbochargers however Garrett. Rs version and ca n't tell the difference, looks like you have what is called a T25G.. Is there to cool down the exhaust gases before they get to the sensor gauge... Found someone who could tune these you would be to go up and beyond what was possible. Of boost ( 14,5PSI ) of 280 hp can be push more, lower oil flow further reduces the of! Hi JD, really enjoyed this article and Tech info on the car and make some!. To 3800 forget the most important parts when tuning cars 'm thinking upgrading. Effect was the `` limit '' of ordinary naturally aspirated engines at that time in the range... Restrictor fittings to buy, or you can find these turbos in many different engines and some! Bit more d16z6 345km 375nm gt2560r vs gt2860r just curious if this turbo affects turbo Performance street cars here.... Flow a bit more advised to post in here instead today ’ s because they racing. Is sold separately and is the name that pioneered turbo technology and boosted drag racing and racing! Be logged in to post in here instead of SAU Community by signing in or creating account! Gt2560R turbocharger instead though the cm2 and A/R would seem similar, the bigger housing! The bigger 2300cc engine helping spool low and work your way up.Normally when it to!