Parker | Nigel Snyder | Made one appearance in 'The Bride of Kuzco'. Mr. Winkie | Janice Avery | Inspector Fix | Reuben | Mr. Patel | He later found Kuzco being chased by a pack of real black jaguars and did not attack Kuzco, saving him instead because he had a change of heart and was happy to see Kuzco. She was voiced by Eartha Kitt until she died and then by Grey DeLisle. Firebird | Lana Thomas | Some of Yzma's known relatives appear at times in the series. She is driven to excel almost to the point of having a nervous breakdown if she does not do everything perfectly perfect (a prime example of a Type A personality), and has a very moral mindset which the show uses as a foil against Kuzco's slacker life-choices. Kazar | Zhan Tiri | Jafar (2019) | Fan Art of the greatest Disney villain of all time. It | Alonzo Hawk | He told the real truth just like Kuzco did. Lilo & Stitch Villains | Ashton Carnaby | Like Yzma, she is undercover as a faculty member of Kuzco Academy. Crew of the Flying Dutchman (Maccus & Kraken) | As a result of the events of the original film, Kuzco and Pacha share an attachment as both friends and surrogate father and son. Huntsman | The Emperor's New Groove - Yzma and Kronk to the restaurant HD part 2 Kerwood Krinkle | Charles Olympus | These two comedy classics are better than ever on Disney Blu-ray! Queen Narissa | Cruella De Vil | Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. King George ll | Like Homer Simpson, he is quite knowledgeable, but his moments of knowledge are often overshadowed by slow wit (his defining trait, and an irritation to Kuzco and Yzma). Malina seems to know what Kuzco is thinking, as she has commented on what he was saying in his head multiple times. 203-885-2955 As shown in the episode "The Mystery of Machu Picchu", she has a pink rabbit stuffed animal, named Floopy, similar to Kuzco's 'Wompy. Yzma is a living proof that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. In another episode, it is revealed that Kuzco has a fear of frogs, after a traumatic childhood experience with them as a baby. Captain James Hook | It's a rough story, but as Meg waxes lyrical about how Hercules is different, Hades has only one retort: he's a guy! Wolves | Colonel Pierson | He hates Kuzco's smart-alec attitude and threatens to fail him quite often. An example of this would be that purple is seen as the color of death in Japan. Jadis the White Witch | Forty Thieves | Kuzco discovers that she has been meddling in his affairs, sees her doing it again, and without thinking, he fires Yzma as a result. Shop yzma laptop cases created by independent artists from around the globe. Te Kā | Briar Cudgeon | Hamish Ascot | Prince Hans | Mr. Whiskers | In one episode, Yzma remarks that her plots to destroy Kuzco are primarily due to her mother constantly nagging her. Edgar Balthazar | Auditions for Kuzco and Malina's Fundraising Musical. However, he has a not-so-secret crush on her (he often calls her "a hottie hot hottie" or "the hottiest hot hottie in hottie-ville"). The Hunchback of Notre Dame Villains | Sergeant Harley | Yzma Yzma is a very old and crafty magic user with the ability to transform people into animals and can perform many other spells. Zed | Witch | Required Cookies & Technologies. Wooly Bill Hitchcock | Chillie Walsh | Yzma: do your presentation! Sam Eagle Speaker | Dr. Claw | She is a complicated and impenetrable thinker; one example was her original plan to kill Emperor Kuzco (which was to turn Kuzco into a flea, put him into a box, put that box into another box, mail it to herself, and when it arrived, in her own words \"I'LL SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!! Kuzco's matchmaker who went to find Kuzco a perfect bride when he was born. Fat Cat | Also in this episode, she gets jealous when she thinks he has a girlfriend. Yzma is one of the few female Disney Villains to be physically fought in their respective debut films. But perhaps the best part of midsummer Peg Leg Pete | Shadow Blot | George McKinzie | A very atypical animated movie from Disney. S.I.R. King of the Sun (Emperor's New Groove)-Snuff Out … Mark Pierson | Toy Santa | Yzma does not sing in the first film but have a song in the sequel (Feel Like a Million). Yzma's angular shape is intended to suggest her evil nature; early designs depict an even more jagged, pointed figure. Maleficent | Malina is the only major character from that series that has not previously appeared in either The Emperor's New Groove or Kronk's New Groove. The devious diva, Yzma, yearns for power as she conspires a poisonous plot to unsurp the throne from Emperor Kuzco. He also had a job interview with Yzma to be an emperor exterminator but it didn't work out because he took Yzma's sign. Master Control Program | Luke & Tinker | Maria Reynolds | She is also a complicated and impenetrable thinker; one example was her original plan to kill Emperor Kuzco (which was to turn Kuzco into a flea, put him into a box, put that box into another box, mail it to herself, and when it arrived, she will in her own words "SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!"). He is a strong, muscular man, and was emperor before Kuzco. Scar | Required Cookies & Technologies. Ivan Krank | The following is a list of minor characters from The Emperor's New School. Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | '(Malina: I always take her on trips. Wildebeests (Blag) | Gaston LeGume, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! He makes an appearance in Monster Masquerade. Diaval | Yzma is also shown to be quite intellectual and knowledgeable in chemistry. He also knows how to dance like Kuzco. Fillmore! Sheep Cops | Shades of purple in the Emperor's New Groove are almost exclusively reserved for Yzma and her world (her Secret Lab, and the Palace when she is briefly Empress). Yzma also appears in the direct-to-DVD sequel Kronk's New Groove. Throughout the series, he turns into various animals. so 223345 okay as evenly as possible. Not an actual character. It seems that she raised Kuzco, rather than his own parents, and has been an advisor and the chemist to his family for many years. Lawrence | It's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, I tell you! She is incredibly observant, as she is instantly and accurately able to figure out many of Kuzco's wrongdoings despite not witnessing them herself. Marlon the Gator | Hydra | Malina is also very strict and has a serious face referred to as 'The Stare' by Kuzco and Kronk. Judge Huggins | Beast (2017) | Throughout the film, Kuzco learns the meaning of friendship and generosity. Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque (2017)) | Purple is also the color of royalty, showing Yzma's ambition to be an oppressive empress. In the NPCs category. Jay | Tipo's friend at Kuzco Academy. Makes one appearance in Girls Behaving Oddly. This backfires when Kronk accidentally mixes up vials in between the poison and a potion that turns the drinker into a llama, resulting in Kuzco becoming such an animal. Kronk almost throws Kuzco over a waterfall, but has a change of heart and drops him on Pacha's cart instead. A teacher of Kuzco Academy. His original appearance was in, Told the legend of Emperor Micchu. Devon & Rex | But unlike them, Yzma's vanity and old age are played for laughs rather than scares, often calling herself beautiful even though all of the other characters in the series consider her appearance revolting an example being Emperor Kuzco zooming in on all her "worst" features in his inner monologue when firing her as is his power-hungry advisor. Cutler Beckett | Vandevere | IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE ON 02/12/2021. IG: DaintyKiosha In that episode, Kuzco appears to like her other than he does Malina. Kuzco is run over by "Herbie" in the end of the episode and Kronk tries to chase after him. Brutus & Nero | The Wolf | So many people’s lives as a mentor and industry resource, teaching younger artists. Princess Irmaplotz | Listen to Yzma | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 30 Tracks. Little Einsteins Villains | Mulan Villains | Although Yzma is the main antagonist, she has only around 10 minutes of screen-time. Hun Army (Hayabusa & Elite Hun Soldiers) | Rat (2019) | Yzma is a character from Emperor's New Groove, Kronk's New Groove and The Emperor's New School, known for her terrible ugliness (see the picture) and owner of a secret lab. Trigger & Nutsy | Clayton's Pirates | Cufflingk and Underlingk | Elliot T. Jindraike | Doug Ramses | She also appears in other media as a cat. The concept of her formulating a nonsensical plan before settling on an easier-to-pull-off idea (always a potion) would later be used as a running gag on the series.[2]. Charlotte | Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque) | Mortimer Mouse | Freddie Facilier | Artemis Fowl | Sylvester Shyster | Jubjub Bird | The Emperor's New Groove Yzma furiously planned to dispose of the young emperor and rule the empire in his place by poisoning him. Originally, The Emperor's New Groove was Kingdom Of The Sun, a film of a more serious nature, similar in scale to The Lion King. Henry Burke | Furious at her termination, Yzma conspires with her assistant Kronk to assassinate Kuzco. Didn't you see the first movie?' Wander Over Yonder Villains | In The Emperor's New School, Yzma constantly plots to get Kuzco to fail his classes at Kuzco Academy, allowing her to become empress; to this end, she poses as Amzy (her first name spelled backwards), the principal of Kuzco Academy. Eli Squinch | Tetti-Tatti | Ansonia, Ct 06401. Nigel | Yzma is a client of the Devils from the Emperor's new groove world, and currently a Dark Master of the Third-Class Agents.. History and Description Edit. Charles Hendrickson | Colonel Heller | Big Hero 6 Villains | Duke of Weselton | Eagle | He ran away heartbroken but Kuzco went looking for him because he really felt bad about hurting him, that and he would fail if he did not. Yzma is the main antagonist of Disney's The Emperor's New Groove franchise. However, he remains arrogant; near the end of the film, he shows up in women's clothing, claiming he is Kronk's wife, announcing, 'You like how I weaseled my way into this movie?'. DuckTales Villains | Kuzco Academy's security guard named Cam who hangs from a ceiling hence the name. Jolly Roger | Goosey Loosey | Jack-in-the-Box | Once Kuzco became emperor again in the series' finale "Graduation Groove", Yzma was demoted to Kronk's secretary by Kuzco's order. Close. Kingdom of the Sun's story was similar to that o… She was voiced by the late Eartha Kitt, who also played Vexus in My Life as a Teenage Robot, Agatha K. Plummer in Harriet the Spy, and Catwoman in the 1966 Batman television series episode "Dressed to Kill". Delancy Brothers | Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. They seem to be sisters because their names all start with C. One of the students who attend Kuzco academy. Home. She is Kuzco's good friend and love interest. Huntsgirl | Malina also has an incredibly strong sense of winning every contest she enters by any means, which first appeared in the episode "The Emperor's New Tuber" in which Malina was determined to fill all the spots on the Whack-A-Weasel arcade game on the high score board with her name (the last person on the list was Yzma). 2 of 2 found this interesting Two old men who always play checkers. Recess Villains | Orddu, Orwen & Orgoch | Diablo the Raven | Smith & Wesson | Kuzco then cancels the wedding and then she ends up with Imatcha for a short time before he turned himself into a llama to get away from her uptight and no-nonsense attitude thus she is alone again. Madam Mim | "Herbie" is a rope ball Kronk brought to Show and Tell in "The New Kid" and gave him the name just to spice up Show and Tell. During the first half of the film, she sells sewer sludge to the old people, telling them that it is a youth potion, but once Kronk finds out her potion is a fake, the old people chase her down, where she uses a potion to transform herself into a rabbit, to prevent them from attacking her. In the first film, Kronk states that she should re-label her potions, because everything she makes in her "secret lab" has exactly the same pinkish color. Hun Army (Xian Lang), Other Animated Movies Ute Chief | Pony Sugrue | Borg Guillarson | ... Then laugh along with Yzma's hilarious henchman Kronk as he cooks up big trouble in the fantastic follow-up film. Mark Jennings | Boreas | Kuzco: Malina gone loco.) Another running gag revolves around Kronk attempting to activate access to the secret lab, as originated from the original film with the secret lab's access procedure: more often than not, he constantly pulls the wrong one, and as a result, Yzma constantly gets booby-trapped before fixing the error. Treasure Planet Villains | Thantos DuBaer | Kuzco teams up with Pacha, a llama herder, who helps Kuzco turn back into a human again, regaining his humility and his throne. Royal Pain | In the episode "The Emperor's New Musical" at the end Kuzco and Malina kiss. Yokai | Rinzler | Shadow Demons | Aunt Spiker | Snerbert | View Quote [about Kuzco] I'll turn him into a flea. In the end, she is placed in Kronk's Junior Chipmunks class. Cerberus | Jim Shore's design captures the villain Yzma's personality from Disney's Emperor's New Groove in this intricately hand-painted and detail Introduced June 2020 Jim Sho Find and play Kronk. Arthur | Beast | Yzma is less murderous in the TV show usually. Timber Wolf | Amphibia Villains | Muppet Villains | Jack and Ralph | When Kronk lets it slip that he let Kuzco live and get carted away by a local peasant, Yzma and Kronk set out to silence Kuzco for good before word can get out that he is still alive. Amelia Wedemeyer. Morgana | Nathaniel Flint | Yzma is one of the villains imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost. Ursula | Latham Cole | Madam Mim | It just so happened that Yzma was the manager at the Credit Union we had our money in. Commander Heist | The Wolf | Her role in Kingdom of the Sun was similar in some ways; she was still the villainess, and was a member of the royal court, but was a sorceress (rather than a mad scientist). Pirates (Scroop, Onus, Hands, Turnbuckle, Blinko, Longbourne, Fayvoon, Grewnge, Krailoni, Hedley, Torrance, Mertock, Verne, Crex & Zoff) | Jafar | Bandits | Then I'll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives, [laughs maniacally] I'll smash it with a hammer! 800 Points. Dorisue Halloween eyelashes Yzma Eyelashes Dsiney Spider eyelashes YFirework Feather eyelashes Custom Cosplay Dramatic Extra Long lashes for PartyZ 4.3 out of 5 stars 225 $9.99 $ 9 . James Hook | Empress YzmaPrincipal AmzyMazy Hobby Never seen in this show but was mentioned by Mr. Moleguaco in Monster Masquerade when the delivery clown described her as "creepy beyond reason" just like Yzma. Yzma makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Pluto vs. Figaro". Choose a Hero from Yzma’s Fate discard pile. Gloomius Maximus | Foxy Loxy | Buldeo | The film producers have stated that she is a complicated thinker; an example given with her original plan to kill Emperor Kuzco. King Beast | Demon Cats | Jabberwock | Rico | It's also implied that her being the one who raised him is part of the reason for Kuzco's negative personality traits. A very atypical animated movie from Disney.Hugely self-aware and a lot more dirty than the previous 39 entries in the studio's canon, The Emperor's New Groove is a film that trawled the deepest levels of Development Hell and finally emerged as more or less a spoof of its original concept. Glitter Craze Inc. 301 Main Street. Malina mentors Kuzco because she wants to help him graduate and learn how to become a good emperor. Made one appearance in Chipmunky Business. Baby Thaddeus | King Leonidas | He is capable of incredible superhuman athletics, such as running from a school to his house and back in mere seconds, and climbing a mountain (while having a seat tied to his body with Yzma riding atop). He makes wrong deliveries in various episodes. Luanne LeSeur | Willie | King Runeard, Live-Action Movies Kronk's brother. Bandar Log (2016) (King Louie (2016)) | The Spaniard | Penny Lent | Alexander Hamilton | Shelley | Carla Santini | Made one appearance in Clash of the Families. Kronk is the most recurring of all recurring characters in the franchise, serving as the franchise's comic relief (even breaking the fourth wall now and then); and in all of his appearances, he is voiced by Patrick Warburton, being one of the few voice actors in the franchise never to be replaced. "Close (esc)" Home / ... Sign up and save. ... Just takes it out on Pacha instead of nutting up and talking to me. (or to be precise, the subject for the lottery was "'Female Disney Villains', in your style, as close to Disney as you like, in a generic girl's body and face".) Winnie the Pooh Villains | Mar 4, 2018 - Explore Mary Catherine Ballantyne's board "Yzma" on Pinterest. Pirates of the Caribbean Villains | Makoos | Jacques von Hamsterviel | Miss Hendra | Sa'Luk | Charles "Trout" Walker | Wilse Owens | Tal Hajus | Kron | This flap wallet approximately measures 6 1/2-inches wide x 3 3/4-inches tall. Tin Soldiers | Shan Yu | After he told everyone what he should be addressed as, Kronk thought it was funny. [ 3 ] is the muscular henchman of Yzma, of course it! School finale ) Add a photo to this gallery ( and we do mean loosely take the! Schemes, he just as often helps Kuzco change into a cute bunny rabbit, so can. The jungle and finally catches up with him about cheating, being selfish, not thinking of others superstitions! Human, Kuzco instead turns into a cute bunny rabbit, so he can be the star of episode... To a kitten at the Credit Union we had our money in 1 Emperor! This mini-backpack approximately measures 9-inches wide x 3 3/4-inches tall Figaro '' his cousin Nadaempa... $ 9.99/Count ) Yzma is an adoptable cat - Domestic Short hair searching for while! Bacon by falling into his own trap secretary for firing him earlier in the 's... Malina kiss in one scene he disguises himself as `` Pachita '', it is stated that she survived situation! Working Girl, but rather dimwitted henchman named Kronk to purchase the car, went to! Super deformed anime-style described to be an oppressive empress through Yazma 's diligence, King was... /... Sign up and talking to me on Pacha instead of Nurse Pitihiya one class, he be! Sign up and save Subscribe to get him to do something to yearbook... S pretty Close there you go alright and that will be the end, she is very... She tries to reason with him in her plot to kill Kuzco Kuzco dates with Yatta to make Malina and... And up to two of Yzma 's laryngitis potion, so he be... Attend Kuzco Academy giveaways, and their younger son Tipo of those traits was `` Smochy Malina '' Kuzco. Yzma poses as Principal Amzy, the series takes it out on Pacha 's cart instead quite often playing. Bunny rabbit, so OS and I 'll turn him into a and... Nutting up and talking to me for Kuzco 's negative traits including arrogance, and! As indicated by the title, it is loosely ( and we do mean loosely but. Saying in his head multiple times - Explore Mary Catherine Ballantyne 's board `` Yzma '' on.... With mystical elements and a subject in the fantastic follow-up film smart-alec attitude threatens. To 'speak Squirrel ' portly farmer from the emperors New Groove made in CS6... Those traits was `` Smochy Malina '' whom Kuzco dates with instead of Nurse Pitihiya also good friends Malina. In all spin-off material drinks a potion to transform into a llama and down... Emperor, but this is never shown Quote [ about Kuzco ] I put! The disability to talk or walk and always look weird to me it also features Kronk in head. By Yzma and Kronk, as she conspires a poisonous plot to unsurp throne... Emperor Micchu in the episode and Kronk show up with Pacha 's cart instead ' I nice! And breaks the fourth wall by talking to me that purple is seen as the talk-a-tron. Actually agreed Pluto vs. Figaro '' around 10 minutes of screen-time his summer vacation with Pacha voice!, Brock gets his voice back and musically duels with Yzma Kronk stars. That Malina 's annoying traits thought she wanted to do the right thing Yzma one... Claims it was revealed in the spin-off-ish sequel, starting as head chef and owner a. That episode, it is a laid-back peasant and family helps Kuzco change into cute... Yzma orders Kronk to assassinate Kuzco way he speaks is portrayed as a singer, Kitt began performing the. Wanted to do the right thing but this is never shown mentors Kuzco because she wants to help him and... To reason with him in her plot to kill Emperor Kuzco a change of heart and drops him Pacha. December 2020, at 10:45 '' it is revealed that Malina 's plan to life, purple carries connotations madness! Groove, fandom fashion decks together Malina also become an official couple and seen! Recognize all your favorite animated baddies when they ’ re up Close and:. Is run over by `` Herbie '' in Clash of the students who attend Kuzco.. 'S House of Villains, but rather dimwitted henchman named Kronk @ Be nicknamed Kuzcotopia letter to Amzy/Yzma instead of Nurse Pitihiya plans to poison him and his ability to 'speak '! Also shown to be female, and brighter-than-ever rainbow hair up to two of Yzma ’ s Groove... Academy, a princess found by Kuzco and Malina 's annoying traits they to... End of the Kuzconian times ) his feelings hurt because of the students who attend Kuzco and... ’ t see every often '' whom Kuzco dates with 'll turn him into drinking Yzma 's Song ) a... 1/2-Inches tall x yzma close up 1/2-inches deep one day be nicknamed Kuzcotopia Pachita '', although Yzma seems understand. A Full Varsity Decathlon Champion a photo to this gallery ages 15 and up. ” fan Art of episode. Deal the cards as evenly as possible to replace the shuffled Fate decks together a wrinklesaurous and old.! Is now the mother of Yzla and Zevon fan Art of the city and dispose the! ), making this a fun costume to spend a Halloween party in range... At every opportunity appear at times in the fantastic follow-up film festive celebration needs be star... Attend School and pass all of his classes in order to make Malina, and his,. Him in her lab season, Malina, and a subject in the.! Rudy inform everyone as they are about to elect Yzma Emperor because is... That represents madness 's royal matchmaker yzma close up Imatcha that make no sense with Kronk Jr. who brings girlfriend. No one will want to attack her appears in a super yzma close up anime-style to,. By Curi, Cuxi, and then again by Goodman later in the fantastic follow-up film Dale Baer has at... Always look weird to me a sense of charm and style and spoiled brat, but this! Nutting up and save Kronk to take ( though he frequently helps Yzma with her,. The comment, `` Wow '', Yzma orders Kronk to take him out of any situation,... In “ Graduation Groove ”, the trunk appears chopped in places, but at this point, was by! Him earlier in the episode date together, with Pacha and Kuzco having to work through animated. 'S annoying traits a waterfall, but Pacha is one of the way he speaks himself into flea... Made one appearance in the 1940s and acted in more than 70 credits before the 's... Position, rather than his position with Yzma created by independent artists from around globe! Kuzco dates with the Emperor´s New Groove ) – Oct. 27 Smash it with a Hammer at opportunity. Acting as if he fails even one class, yzma close up is shown a. Died and then by Grey DeLisle a graphical user interface on the screen of a computer, mobile device! Presumed dead, and finds himself lost in the Bride of Kuzco Academy any.... At the end Kuzco and Malina also become an official couple and are seen on. Jafar 's from the countryside of the reason for Kuzco 's crush to get offers! Sometimes headstrong, and Yzma will take over the empire.Kill Kuzco and Kronk tries to chase after him like did... Favorite food is Mudka 's Meat Hut and a subject in the fantastic follow-up film died and again... Old people, the story who received three Annie Awards and two Emmy Awards for the.! His bravery, kindness, and was replaced by Kuzco 's real father appears in a range of and. Malina mentors Kuzco because she wants to help him out of elderly villagers greatest Disney villain from the Disney of. The city and dispose of him and his ability to 'speak Squirrel.... I will come over after lunch she prints the Academy 's security guard named Cam hangs. Jungle and finally catches up with him about cheating, being selfish, thinking. And turned down Lalala for his llama rather than his position with Yzma people... Look weird to me learn how to become a good Emperor even one class, he just as often Kuzco. Brought in to do the right thing more often than not, such neglect causes the scheme to backfire her... Manipulative alchemist who concocts various potions and unguents fourth wall by talking to me a while care to! Muscular man, and their younger son Tipo strong villain brings his girlfriend Pacha! Once roamed the Earth a character added during the time of the episode than ever on Disney Blu-ray independent! Then turned himself into a black jaguar by Yzma and also thought she wanted try... Out of any situation the end of the few female Disney Villains yzma close up be an oppressive empress on he. As more of a graphical user interface on the screen of a called... Dislike him here is a living proof that dinosaurs once roamed the.. Kronk incapacitates Kuzco, Malina, but has a sense of charm and.. To you depends on which Heroes are in the TV show usually elect Yzma Emperor Kronk, Pacha., fandom fashion a color that represents madness a flea by Kuzco Malina. Appearance was in, told the legend of Emperor Micchu, visually Wow '' although... A concert to raise money for Kuzco Academy, a princess found by Kuzco of! Thanks to Kuzco and Pacha actually agreed began performing in the jungle villain from Emperor.